Being positive does not mean ignoring warning signs; there are so many misconceptions about having a positive mindset or holding oneself out as a positive thinking person. People usually assume a whole lot of things, that honestly, could not be further from the truth. This article shall discuss a few of these misconceptions with the hope to show that a person with a positive mindset is pretty much like everyone else. At the same time, highlighting the process, a few distinguishing features of a person with a positive mindset.

1. Having a positive mindset means you are happy all the time

This is one of the most popular misconceptions about having a positive mindset. However, in life, shit happens, especially when you are trying to stay on the right path. You get provoked, could have moments of weakness, and just regular unpleasant events could happen that would make a positive person sad, angry and so on. However, being positive is not to dwell in negative thoughts and feelings. You still feel them, though.

2. Positive thinker’s are aloof and out of touch with common sense

Another misconception about having a positive mindset is that positive thinkers are out of touch with reality. Positivity does not equate to being gullible, ignoring warning signs and making obvious mistakes. Many people assume that because someone is positive thinking, they are aloof or have their head in the cloud and cannot see warning signs that may be staring them down in the face, all because they focus on being optimistic and forward-thinking. This a fallacy of the highest order; in fact, the contrary is the case. An example would be a positive minded person seeing the good in someone who does bad things, but this does not mean that the positive person would let their guard down around that person that does bad things and thereby put themselves in harm’s way.

3. Positive mindset protects you from bad or unpleasant things happening to you

In this duality world, there is always happiness and sadness, good and evil, etc. Simply being positive will not protect a person from facing negative or unpleasant experiences in life. In order words, although a positive person will, of course, attract more positive experiences, this will not shield them completely from some unpleasantry in life, especially the inevitable ones.

4. Having a positive mindset means you will not have negative thoughts

Positive minded people are definitely more optimistic as they tend to focus on positivity and not dwell in negative thoughts and feelings. This, therefore, means that they do have negative thoughts, but they observe the thoughts and not add on to them, dwelling and pondering in the negativity. They observe and move on to more productive and forwarding thinking thoughts. Read more: We are the co-creators of our own reality.

5. Positive thinking and mindset will solve all your problems

If only this were the case, this is one of the many misconceptions about having a positive mindset. A positive mindset alone will not solve all your problems. Ever heard the saying ‘actions speak louder than words? Well, your thoughts become your words, and your words become your actions. And actions speak louder than words. In essence, a positive mindset needs to be backed up or followed up with practical actions and steps towards achieving what a person wants to accomplish in life.

6. Positive thinking is easy

This is an obvious myth and a misconception about having a positive mindset. Positive thinking is not always easy except for those that positive thinking comes naturally to. Positive thinking is not easy for most people and has to be cultivated.

7. See only the good in people

It is a common misconception that positive-minded people only see the good in people. This could not be more further from the truth as positive people see the good, the bad and the downright ugly, so to speak.  They may not seem like they do to some people. It should, however, be noted that part of being positive-minded means that you do not let other people or things going on in your environment determine how you react or have control over you. This could be likened to staying zen in the midst of chaos. Being nice to someone who treats or has treated you badly and so on.

We must remember that because we see the good in someone or a situation does not mean that we do not see the other aspects or sides to that person or situation. We have to keep our eyes open; honesty and transparency have to be the order of the day. You must know your worth and hold yourself to those high standards. Not forgetting that people see you as you see yourself. Regardless of the above, everyone is unique and has different life paths.



  1. Yes you right to some people positivity means ignoring everything that can cause harm to your life.

  2. Thanks for this.
    Sometimes it’s hard to be positive about anything, especially when depression is involved.

  3. An amazing thought, but now a days mostly ruin the positive thinking people in a way he or she never believe.

  4. People who choose to live positively discard relating to evil, envious or complaining people, and seek to surround themselves with optimistic, well-intentioned and always ready to help people.

  5. I totally agree with the author as we chose our path by ourselves and we should be careful while choosing it

  6. All of our actions must be based on common sense. Emotional balance is very important in making our decisions and hasty reactions should be avoided.

  7. The arguments about what positive people do not always think are very interesting, such as the example that being positive means always feeling happy.

  8. always we have the pleasant mind.it’s got only by positive thoughts and things….this is one good thoughts

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