Be Present.

Be present in every moment and put your heart into everything you do, for anything worth doing. Anything worth your time is worth doing well. Do not live a passive life but a conscious one. Consciously co-creating beautiful life experiences for yourself in this game of life. Put your heart into everything you do and blossom. Let your heart guide you. Let love lead you and attract more positivity into your life. Do not have a victim mentality. Instead, take practical action steps towards achieving the changes you want in your life.

Work Hard.

Hard work, they say, pays off; persistence and consistency see results. These are not far from the truth. Nothing good in life comes easy, or so they say. Not sure who they are, but they do say a lot. Essentially in putting your heart into everything you do. It means that you have to work hard for what you want. You have to be conscious and present. You have to aware of your shortcomings and strengths. To know what practical steps you can take to improve your skills and better your self.

For instance, a worker does not earn much but works hard at his job. He puts his heart into what he does, smiles and is polite and helpful. And even goes above and beyond in the performance of his duties will not go unnoticed. He will succeed, blossom, one way or the other. His boss is more than likely to appreciate his good nature, even if the boss does not. Somebody else will. The worker is putting out positive energy into the world. And since what you put out is what you get. One way or the other, perhaps through means unrelated to that job. The worker will definitely blossom, his reputation may precede him, and he may get a better paying job or an opportunity to start his own business.

Do Your Best.

To put your heart into everything you do means that you put your best into all your endeavours. Be it work, family, school, even your friendships or relationships. Suppose you have to be a friend to someone, then be a good friend—a good person, irrespective of how others behave or treat you, be kind. Let love for yourself and humanity in general guide you. Treat people as you would like to be treated. Treat your employees how you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes. Talk to people the way you would like to be spoken to.

Stay In Your Power.

Also, do not allow people to have power over you, in the sense that if someone mistreats you, do not feel like you have to pay them back in kind; or have an equally negative response to them. Let your heart guide you in situations like this as well. React from a place of love, hard as it may be. However, this does not mean that you allow people to walk all over you, and you definitely should not allow people the satisfaction of getting a predictable response from you. Perhaps you may have even been provoked on purpose. Be in control of yourself, your emotions, and control how you react. React from your heart, from a place of love for all.

Whatever your chosen career path, whatever you are, put heart into it and be good at it. For you are a co-creator of your own reality. You can do anything you believe you can. However, do not forget to be kind to others along the way to your success in life.




  1. This reminds me of my dedication and passion with everything I do. At certain point I need this article to reflect on myself. Thank You for writing this article.

  2. Thanks for the fruitful post. I extremely agree with. Human is his or her heart, by which we would be able to reach whatever we look for. In other words, it is our compass. And if everything even some paltry tasks are done heartily, then the consequences will be completely different.

  3. Such a beautiful article. Doing everything we do putting our hearts in it, gives value to our life

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